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About Us

The logo features the letters R.U.R.A.L and a diamond that represents timeless
records and etched in the lower part is the 3 stars that pay homage to their country Philippines.

R.U.R.A.L. or Realest Underground Renaissance Artist Label Founded in 2008, R.U.R.A.L. is a full-service entertainment company in the Philippines, inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer; and a music label. It is home to a diverse roster comprised of critically acclaimed underground recording artists and writers including: XO ICY, Unicah, James Genocide, etc. R.U.R.A.L. has partnerships with production team: Keep It Locked Beats and film production house: Raw Deal Pictures. Established in 2008 by the Rodil brothers, namely James "Jay Gezzy" Rodil and Franz "G'Rhyme" Rodil, to originally produce and distribute music they had recorded with their fellow artist Marlon "Jinx One" Recon, who later on, established the first R.U.R.A.L. subsidiary in the provinces of southern Luzon. Before the company's inception, a tragic turn of events occurred when Jay and Franz met a car accident that made the siblings a sudden leap of faith that eventually led them to pursue their career in music. Jay who sustained most injuries, had to stop his nursing studies and had to go through a grueling recovery stage. After having 2 hand surgeries and while undergoing numerous therapy sessions, Jay started to visualize the idea, to create and establish a record label that caters quality urban / hip-hop / r&b music. The first ever track produced was "Sukatan Ng Galing" and thereon after, countless tracks was produced. Together with their fellow artist, they created the rap group XO ICY, which later on became a super trio rapper, producer rap crew with Marc "Young Mac Doobie" Laurella being the latest addition to the group, a long time friend and a high school schoolmate of Jay. After having a few decent tracks produced, the first ever mixtape of XO ICY was produced, titled "Straight To The Point", with an initial set of 50 physical copies. They launched the mixtape, mid October of 2007.

The first R.U.R.A.L logo.

Circa 2008, Jay started to learn the basics of beat production by self study. Perfecting his craft, he decided to establish his own in house beat production and he called it Keep It Locked Beats Productions and in the same year the label established their own film and video company that they later on branded and called Raw Deal Pictures. 

Official Keep It Locked beats Logo

Official Raw Deal Pictures Logo

From thereon, the label gained countless recognition and overwhelming addition of 20+ artist (3 Rima, Unicah, Storm, N.S. Pride, S.O.B., M Lock, Lil Jon, Crown One, Okagaw, Beata's Finest, Illaya's Finest). The success of the label has come primarily from XO ICY's 1st debut album "We Are Tha Movement" (launched at Reynaldo's bar and grill, Malate) jam-packed with Tagalog and English hits which featured the classic pinoy rap love song "Mahal na Mahal" garnering million plus views at YouTube that made the whole indie label and XO ICY a respected name in the underground hip hop scene.

Along it's success, Franz took advantage of the heat and established Realest Clothing Company, a family business venture under the guidance and supervision of their father. The brand unexpectedly became a staple in the local urban clothing scene with fresh designs that captivated the taste of the Filipino hip-hop community. Then R.U.R.A.L along it's continuing release of free songs, released their first 2 music videos, with the help of Richard Dauz, they made the visuals for We are tha movement and Mahal na Mahal that later on became a viral video success. 

Official Realest Clothing Co. Logo

Year 2009 - 2010, After having numerous guesting, XO ICY was invited to perform at one of the biggest venues in the heart of Manila, it was a campaign for the coming elections for the former Manila city Mayor Lito Atienza which took place at Ninoy Aquino Stadium. After having that huge exposure, the group was privileged to be invited in a T.V. appearance at KaBlog, a GMA short do-cu style program. The episode tackled the current local hip-hop scene and the program featured the R.U.R.A.L team, together they brought that monumental milestone that made the mark of R.U.R.A.L as a duly recognized independent record label in the Philippines.


Then came the fruitful years of 2011 and 2012 when R.U.R.A.L. had their viral contest making the web scene go nuts with their R Sign contest that generated more exposure and fans across the archipelago.


Releasing futuristic and cinematic music videos like X O Season and Fly to the sky, R.U.R.A.L. made the whole local hip-hop scene in a higher level, eliminating the stereotyped impression, making a total face lift of the whole local rap / hip-hop landscape and the rest was history.